Monday, January 29, 2007

Good Evening, Guys!
Just finished watching Dan! First, its not often your models allow their face to be shown, and kudos to Dan for sharing his handsome face with us! It's an added treat, that adds a bit more sensuality to watching the massage to see the guy's face. Also, its nice to see a sexy, hunky Asian man like clean-cut Dan featured in a Gay Massage Video!
Now, when the door opens, we see Dandy Dan start to undress. Off comes his shirt, then his 501 jeans, then his boxers in just a few seconds. He doesn't waste time. He bends over, shows off his nice ass, and starts to self-fondle himself. Enter our masseur. He starts his ever so erotic fondling and when Dan turns around, we see he's erect, and probably packs a 6 to 7 inch dick. The fondling continues. (I so love to watch our masseur fondle and grope Dan - it's got me all hot and bothered!) Before segment one ends, Dan hops on the massage table, and lies face down.
In segment two, Dan receives a nice and sensual rubbing on his backside, and he in turn starts to feel our masseur up. In checking out Dan's ass, it looks like he has some faded tan lines from wearing a speedo either at the beach or tanning salon. In segment two, and continuing into segment three, we see Dan's body is very smooth and only a little body hair -- just a bit of manscaped pubes, and a bit in his butthole. His ass is spread and we see a delicious close-up of his man pussy and butthole. What a mouth-watering sight!
Before segment three ends, Dan gets a generous drizzle of oil into his ass cheeks, and it sensuously gets massaged into his man pussy/butthole. Then, before the segment ends, Dan's butt cheeks get slapped just a little bit.
In segment four, Dan is flipped over, and is lying on his back, and his small, but very erect nipples get a nice massage from our masseur. Then our masseur begins the process of release on Dan, but Dan wants some action from the masseur, who drops his pants and Dan's hands dig into the masseur's black Tommy Hilfiger briefs, and grabs his dick and yanks it up over the elastic waistband, and fondles it while he's getting release.
It isn't too long after that when Dan finally erupts with a few generous gobs of thick, white semen, that is a beautiful photo-finish to this hot Gay Massage Video.
Thank you to our guys at GMVs for bringing such a nice, cute Asian hottie to the massage table! Keep up the good work. It is a pleasure to be one of your most appreciative fans, and dedicated GMV members.

To watch a short clip of Dan, click here.

Saturday, May 13, 2006